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At a Glance

Zoran Stojanovski Zonde

Canadian-Macedonian virtuoso Zoran Stojanovski, known as Zonde, masterfully crafts narratives in the vibrant worlds of fashion, lifestyle, and music. With a prolific background spanning writing, producing, directing, editing, and photography, he brings a rich tapestry of experiences to every project. Delve into Zonde's multifaceted services that echo with depth and artistry:


Childhood and Early Influences

Born into the Christian Orthodox tradition in the heart of Skopje, Macedonia, Zonde spent his formative years nurturing a vivid imagination, one brimming with fresh and innovative ideas daily. His journey into the world of art commenced in the late ’90s as a young photography and filmmaking enthusiast, a passion kindled by profound movies and evocative music that depicted depth and emotion.

Early Ventures

An enterprising spirit blossomed early, as young Zonde turned a homemade board game into a local sensation, crafting and selling copies throughout his neighborhood. It was a small yet telling preamble to a future where creativity met business, a synergy of art and entrepreneurship.

Education and Skills

Following high school, Zonde ventured to Toronto, Canada, a self-reliant teenager eager to broaden his horizons. Here, a revolutionary animated website captured his imagination, pulling him into the diverse world of graphic and web design. Throughout the years, he honed his craft through various courses, evolving into a professional revered in several roles — from a UI/UX guru to an Art Director — gracing renowned studios and influencing substantial projects across notable platforms and brands, including Electronic Arts, Disney Channel, and Starbucks.



Transition into the Fashion and Music Industry

Simultaneously fostering his affection for writing, photography, and filmmaking, Zonde took decisive steps to formalize his skills, pursuing courses in a wide array of fields including directing, editing, and color grading. His keen sense of style and magnetic presence in the global nightclub and fashion show circuits naturally propelled him into a successful career, crafting remarkable photos, films, and commercials for illustrious names such as Playboy, H&M, and Ed Hardy, and collaborating with popular artists like Asher and Inna.

Awards and Recognitions

Zonde’s creative vision transcended borders, earning him accolades at numerous international film festivals, including prestigious platforms in Los Angeles, New York, and London. Each nomination, each award a testimony to a deep-seated dedication and a relentless pursuit of artistic excellence.

Philosophy and Vision

Guided by his Pleiadian soul and the Aquarian zodiac’s influence, Zonde finds serenity and inspiration in nature, quality music, love, and the intricate mysteries of life and fashionable art. A deep spiritual connection anchors his work, a connection nurtured through meditative walks along pristine beaches and a constant exploration of life’s beautiful mysteries.

Ever the dreamer, Zonde believes his magnum opus is still on the horizon, a masterpiece destined to resonate with love and inspire hearts globally. As an individual or a team player, his spirit, perennially vibrant and youthful, continues to foster creativity, a spirit ever eager to touch lives with visually poetic and loving narratives.

Short Films
Photo Projects
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Zonde's 2022 Visual Odyssey: A Director's Reel

Each year, Zonde meticulously crafts a showreel that encapsulates the pinnacle moments from his myriad projects throughout the past year. Stepping into the roles of Director, Producer, Writer, and Editor, he showcases captivating cuts primarily from fashion films and music videos. Presenting his 6th installment, the reel offers a curated glimpse into his 2022 portfolio. Explore the visual journey below!