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On a serene day at Ohrid Lake, Ljupka Mitrova and Zonde set sail, their journey seamlessly weaving inspiration into the fabric of the forthcoming fashion film, “He Understands Her”. Amidst the tranquil waters, the film’s conceptual foundation took shape, capturing the essence of their shared experience.

PhotographerZoran Stojanovski ZondeModelLjupka MitrovaShare

The Genesis of “He Understands Her.”

Nestled amid the serene landscapes of Macedonia lies the enchanting Ohrid Lake. Its pristine waters and picturesque vistas have long inspired artists, poets, and dreamers. For filmmaker Zonde, a day spent sailing on this lake with Ljupka Mitrova would prove to be more than just a retreat—it would become the cradle of inspiration for his next project, “He Understands Her.”

The sun’s golden rays danced on the water’s surface, creating a shimmering spectacle. Ljupka, with her innate grace, mirrored this dance, her every gesture speaking of stories waiting to be told. The rhythmic sound of the waves and the gentle breeze set the perfect backdrop for introspective conversations and shared silences.

Zonde, known for his profound appreciation of nature’s beauty and its interplay with human emotions, found the lake’s ambiance to be the ideal canvas. With every glance exchanged between him and Ljupka, with every story whispered by the lake, the core idea for “He Understands Her.” started to form.

The film would later encapsulate these moments—those fleeting emotions, the ethereal beauty of Ohrid, and the intimate bond shared by Zonde and Ljupka during their voyage. The Lake wasn’t just a silent observer but became a storyteller in its own right, echoing the sentiments of the film and providing a setting that was both tangible and poetic.

To many, Ohrid Lake offers a tranquil escape. To Zonde and Ljupka, it was the birthplace of an artistic vision, a place where the world stood still, allowing inspiration to flow freely. And as “He Understands Her.” takes viewers on a journey of emotions, one can’t help but trace its roots back to that fateful day on the lake.