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“Out of Sync” Shines at the International Fashion Film Awards

At the International Fashion Film Awards (IFFAS) held in California, the fashion film community buzzed with excitement over Zoran Zonde Stojanovski’s latest creation, “Out of Sync.” The film clinched nominations in four significant categories: Best Cinematography, Best Music, Best Fashion, and Best Sound Design, emphasizing its holistic excellence in the realm of fashion cinematography.

Produced, written, and directed by Zoran Zonde Stojanovski himself, “Out of Sync” is a testament to Stojanovski’s multifaceted talents in the fashion film industry. It stars the enchanting Sara Lazareska and Dora Kitanovic, bringing the vision to life with their stellar performances.

One of the highlights of the film is its music. The song “Proud” by Tamara Todevska serves as the soulful backdrop, composed by the talented trio Robert Bilbilov, Darko Dimitrov, and Lazar Cvetkovski. The poignant lyrics penned by Kosta Petrov and Sanja Popovska elevate the emotional resonance of the film.

The film’s visuals are equally commendable. With make-up artistry by Jelkica Popovska and Sara Lazareska and drone operations deftly managed by Darko Danilov, every frame is a treat to the eyes. Darko Moraitov’s behind-the-scenes photography captured the essence of the production, while the editing and grading finesse was provided by Zoran Zonde Stojanovski himself. The Director of Photography was none other than Stojanovski, a role he wore alongside his many other hats in this production.

A special nod goes to Bosko Stolic for his invaluable contributions and the exquisite clothing from Twinset Milano (Skopje), which added an extra layer of elegance to the film.

In a world where fashion meets film, “Out of Sync” stands as a harmonious blend of sound, style, and storytelling. Its nominations at the IFFAS are well-deserved, and the fashion film world eagerly awaits Stojanovski’s next masterpiece.

“Out of Sync” is a short fashion film that highlights the disparity between our conscious intentions and the unconscious forces that often drive our behaviors. This includes habitual actions, stemming from living life on autopilot, which can misalign our deeds from our true desires.

If it’s absent from your reality, nothing can prevent it from flourishing in your mind. And if it thrives in your imagination, it’s bound to manifest in your external world.

Through artistry and fashion, enriched with love and beauty, I aspire to convey this message and inspire many.

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