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Idea to Impact: ‘Scorpio’s’ Genesis and its Resounding Audience Reception

In the illustrious setting of the La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival in 2019, two creative minds, Zoran “Zonde” Stojanovski and Marco De Ornellas, discovered a shared vision. Their chance meeting and immediate connection became the catalyst for the inception of “Scorpio.” Choosing the grandeur of a Hollywood Hills mansion paired with the serene beauty of Malibu beach as their canvas, the duo embarked on their cinematic journey. With the expert assistance of a dedicated and like-minded crew, they realized their vision under the esteemed banner of Lobbo Film Production. Today, their shared dream isn’t just a film but a worldwide sensation, securing nominations and garnering awards on global platforms.

In this captivating video, viewers are given an intimate glimpse into the powerful reactions “Scorpio” evoked during its screening at the esteemed WILDsound Festival Canada. Film critics, known for their discerning tastes, alongside an engaged audience, share their candid emotions and impressions of the movie. Their responses, rich in appreciation and insight, underscore the film’s profound impact and its ability to resonate deeply with its audience. It’s not merely a testament to the movie’s cinematic excellence but also a vivid portrayal of how “Scorpio” has left an indelible mark on its viewers.

The love story between a novelist and his muse ends up abruptly with the revealing of an unexpected secret.

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