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“Ne Odustajem” is a mesmerizing blend of music and visual storytelling brought to life by the directorial finesse of Zoran Zonde Stojanovski for the talented Barbara Popovic. Set against the stunning backdrop of one of Greece’s most picturesque beaches, this music video weaves a sci-fi love tale featuring the charismatic presence of Barbara and Patricija Popovic. Through Stojanovski’s lens, the ethereal beauty of Greece melds seamlessly with the futuristic narrative, creating a juxtaposition of raw nature and imaginative storytelling. The end result is a testament to the boundless creativity and synergy between Zonde and Popovic, taking viewers on a transcendent journey of love, hope, and otherworldly allure.

DirectorZoran Stojanovski ZondeProducerZoran Stojanovski ZondeYear2022Share