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“Prazen Grad” emerges as a testament to the harmonious collaboration between Zoran Zonde Stojanovski and Aleksandar Tarabunov Tara. Directed with precision and flair by Zonde, the music video paints a captivating narrative that seamlessly complements Tarabunov Tara’s evocative melodies. But Zonde’s involvement doesn’t end with the visuals; he also delved deep into the realm of lyricism, penning the words for the song. Together, the poignant lyrics and striking visuals of “Prazen Grad” showcase the depth of artistry that Zonde brings to his projects, intertwining with Tarabunov Tara’s musical prowess to create a compelling piece.

DirectorZoran Stojanovski ZondeLyricsZoran Stojanovski ZondeYear2022Share