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Aleksandar Tarabunov feat. Tamara Todevska – Samo ti mi falish ( Lyrics Translation )

Unraveling the Message in “Special Things”

The music video, brought to life under the adept direction of Zoran Zonde Stojanovski, transports the audience to an era characterized by exuberant dance and vibrant tunes. Despite the energetic setting, a noticeable absence casts a shadow over the celebration.

Александар Тарабунов и Тамара Тодевска – Само ти ми фалиш (Macedonian)


Ти имаш желби посебни,
Иста си ми ти
во штикли или патики.

А јас не помислувам,
и не сакам, во други да те
барам тебе штом ќе излезам.


Спијам, ќе те барам,
пиши ми, не можам
да зборувам.


Ало, не си сама,
не лажи,
сè е глума околу нас.

Само ти ми фалиш,
градов гужва позната,
жени парадираат.

Само ти ме палиш,
овде има диско фанк,
кажи што имаш во план. (Yeah)

Aleksandar Tarabunov feat. Tamara Todevska – You’re the only one I miss (English Translation)


You wish for special things,
hidden things.
In heels or sneakers,
you look the same to me.

And I don’t think about it,
and don’t want to look for
you in others when I go out.


I’m sleeping, I’ll call you back,
text me, can’t talk right now.


Hey, you’re not alone,
don’t lie,
everything is an act around us.

You’re the only one I miss.
Women parade around
the city’s known crowd.

You’re the only one
that turns me on.
There’s disco funk in the club,
tell me what’s your plans for tonight. (Yeah)

A Dialogue of Longing

The song is a dialogue between two individuals, intertwined with emotion and longing. The male protagonist expresses his sentiment of missing someone special amid the lively surroundings. His words, “You wish for special things, hidden things, in heels or sneakers, you look the same to me,” manifest his longing for a woman whose absence is profoundly felt amidst the crowd’s euphoria. His refusal to seek her in others highlights his unwavering attachment and desire for her unique presence.

The female voice, although not visually present in the video, resonates with a message of her own. Her words signify a disconnect, possibly hinting at the reasons behind her absence: “I’m sleeping, I’ll call you back, text me, can’t talk right now.”

The Message

Despite the booming beats and the crowd’s energy, the male protagonist’s words echo the emptiness felt in the midst of revelry: “You’re not alone, don’t lie, everything is an act around us.” This line captures the essence of the song, underscoring the facade of joy and the underlying yearning for a meaningful connection with the missing woman.

The lines, “You’re the only one I miss… You’re the only one that turns me on,” further intensify the message, articulating his heartfelt longing amidst the disco funk and the city’s known crowd.

The Emotional Crescendo

As the song reaches its crescendo, the call for her presence becomes more pronounced. The plea to know her plans for the night underscores the hope for reconnection, a desire to bridge the distance, and rekindle the spark in the pulsating beats of the disco funk.


In conclusion, the song is a beautiful mosaic of contrasting emotions, melding the vivacity of a disco-funk setting with the deep yearning for a cherished presence. Despite the vibrant atmosphere, the narrative skillfully conveys the profound emptiness and the enduring hope for reunion, making the song a melodic ode to love, longing, and the timeless quest for true connection.

In the hustle and rhythm of an 80’s disco-funk concert setting, amidst dancing crowds and high-spirited ambiance, a lyrical tale of yearning and confusion unfolds in the song. The music and lyrics, a collaborative creation of Aleksandar Tarabunov Tara and Zoran Zonde Stojanovski, convey a poignant narrative of absence and desire, seamlessly blending the vivacious beats with the emotional depth of the words.

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